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Have you been looking for a convenient and cost-effective streaming live tv in a time where there are many options, which seem overwhelming and expensive? Popular TV services have been increasing costs without adding features like LIVE TV. Not everybody is up for such. The good news is that; there is a streaming TV service that has been getting a lot of attention and growing in popularity because of its value and a wide variety of content. Below is everything you need to know about it.


Offered Services

It is a Streaming service that helps you to go completely online with your streaming without losing features or content. You gain more rather than losing. You get to watch LIVE HDTV – including your favorite premium TV channels as well as international channels. It also has English and Spanish TV shows, movies (including kids movies), and supports streaming various popular series from the US, UK, and across the globe.


The features are just amazing, below are more details about them.

#1 Live TV

Yes, you read that right, you get to stream LIVE TV in High Definition. The service provides you with access to1,500 plus live HD TV channels. With the channels comes guides that help to see programmed shows, TV channels that are airing and enables easy flipping through channels to select what you want to view at the moment. How great is it? You get to have features that only come with expensive cable service on a streaming platform.

To break the monotony of watching, there are exciting commercial breaks like those of cable TV to help you get more popcorn and refill your juice. With over 1,500 quality HDTV Channels, you and your family can enjoy superior service without paying the high prices of cable TV.

The channels are not just any channels; they have content you will love watching. You get access to

  • Over 60 Sports Channels
  • Huge International
  • Channels
  • Children’s Channels
  • USA, UK, Latina,
  • Canada, South America Channels.

It’s not a wonder that such an advanced platform for streaming TV and movie and series content directly to your TV has been growing tremendously.

#2 VOD – Video on Demand & TV Streams

With the service, you get over 8,000 quality HD movies, series, TV Shows, and lots of TV Streams on top of the LIVE HD TV. The shows cater to almost every category and age, keeping your whole family entertained. All these without getting charged premium. Shows available include

  • Spanish TV shows and series
  • English TV shows and series
  • English HD movies
  • English kid movies

Devices Supported

The service supports numerous devices that enable you to watch and stream conveniently and comfortably.

You download from the Support Center, and your account will allow you to play media on the different devices named below.

  • Android Tables & Cell phones
  • Amazon Fire TV Sticks
  • Windows & Apple Computers
  • Web Player from any internet-connected device
  • Smart TVs with Android OS. It should allow 3rd party apps installation.


If you are looking for value, and a cost-effective streaming TV service, then this service is the way to go. There are two packages.

International Media Package $29.95 which gives you access to

  • Sports, Children, international channels
  • Premium TV channels such as HBO, SKY Cinema. Cinemax, Hallmark, Showtime, STARZ, and SPIKE
  • Thousands of Movies and TV shows on Demand

The USA Media Package costs $ 49.95. It gives you access

  • International channels
  • All Sports Channels,
  • Children’s Channels,
  • Premium Channels
  • The TV show and Movies on Demand.

The best part? There is no long-term commitment; you can start and end the service anytime you wish.

Earn by Sharing

With the service, you can also be paid for sharing and recommending it to your friends and family. For each person you refer to the two monthly packages, you get to earn either $5 or $10.

  • If you refer someone and they pay for the $ 29.95-month package, you earn $5.
  • For the successful referral of the $49.95 service, you get to earn $10.
  • Referring 5 people earns you a free monthly service.
  • For every 10 people, you refer to, you get to earn $100.If your referral number gets to 20, you get to pocket $200 in a month.

If you are serious about referring people, you get provided with your FREE VISA pay card, which enables you to get paid daily. Besides, there’s no limit to the number you can refer and the amount you can earn

streaming live tv

streaming live tv

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